Sourcing Summit

Leveraging Sourcing to Create Competitive Advantage

In today's marketplace, companies need to make strategic decisions that will put them ahead of competitors. When executed correctly, sourcing can be leveraged to create competitive advantage and bolster the bottom line. Done incorrectly, outsourcing can create inefficient processes that ultimately slow down business. As an executive, what strategies and best practices can be leveraged to ensure a positive partnership between the outsourcing company and the organization? Other topics to be explored:

  • Managed Services and Sourcing in a Challenging Climate
  • The Risk-Aware American Business Model
  • Avoiding Supply Disruptions when Sourcing
  • Navigating a Sustainable Supply Chain Management
  • Benefits and Dynamics of Retail IT Sourcing

The Sourcing Summit is an opportunity for executives to have in-depth discussions on the sourcing issues currently affecting their organizations. Bringing together more than 40 executives, the event is an opportunity to exchange ideas, discuss case studies and explore current trends and pain points. The event includes networking opportunities, as well as think tanks, roundtables and analyst Q&A sessions.

To see the other discussion topics, view the Sourcing Summit agenda:

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Case Studies

Banorte is creating personalized banking with data IBM Big Data & Analytics is allowing Banorte to gain insights into the banking behaviors of specific customers. They are redesigning their systems so that now, bank employees can access information about what products best suit the unique needs of each customer, creating an experience that feels personal again.

Macy’s is dressing each customer with data In the world of retail, Macy’s is one of the very few brands that can credibly be called an icon. When Macy’s wanted its online store,, to offer a more personalized shopping experience, they worked with IBM to establish the foundation for a more engaging and data-driven website.

Wimbledon is engaging fans like never before with IBM Cloud Wimbledon is more than a sporting event, it’s a global cultural and social experience. Now, thanks to IBM solutions like cloud and Big Data & Analytics, the All England Club can engage its audiences with new, innovative touchpoints.

Fluor Corp. attains reliable business systems access anytime, anywhere To support its international engineering and construction business, Fluor Corp. required reliable, resilient, 24-hour-a-day access to IT systems and data regardless of project location. IBM Global Technology Services— Strategic Outsourcing uses its cache of global resources and expertise to deliver much-needed infrastructure support to the most remote geographies.

Bharat Light and Power is creating a greener India with IBM Cloud Bharat Light and Power (BLP) is one of the largest clean energy companies in India, focusing on wind, solar, biomass and water for power generation. By working with SoftLayer®, an IBM company, BLP built an infrastructure that helps them to better manage a vast fleet of wind farms scattered across the country.


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